Suit up for Success

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Express Yourself – Suit up for Success

Not hitting the desired rung on the corporate ladder?  Maybe it is time to up your clothing game and dress like the executives.  Polish up your image and see if other people assume that you are what you project.

suit up


A few months ago we had an international group in for a team meeting.  My wardrobe for important work meetings is tailored suits, usually with skirts and heels.  That makes me feel confident, polished and ready for anything.

wonder woman

The meeting went well and most of the group left on Thursday; Friday was casual dress and with a $5 donation we could wear our favorite team jersey and jeans.

I turned up representing my team – NFL (American Football) Green Bay Packers – # 12 Aaron Rodgers.  It was fun to have the relaxed atmosphere and camaraderie with coworkers – even the ones who like the Dallas Cowboys.  I was getting all sorts of comments since it was the week that Rodgers broke his collarbone.

When I got dressed I didn’t realize that I would be having a meeting with the regional sales manager from Malaysia.  We needed to sort out an issue that had been lingering and I was determined to get it resolved face to face.  I don’t know if it was the energy in the whole business that day or my costume but it felt like we were in a huddle and I was the quarterback.

go team

Not only did we get the issue addressed – I got a compliment on the jersey and he said he should get one for his meetings!


So the take away – your clothes not only transform how you feel and present yourself – they also shape how others see you.  Have fun and take advantage of your super suit – whatever that may be.


Writer ponders subject worth writing about – ends up buying shoes

Somewhere in Upstate NY – Author commits to spend at least one hour writing every day, but ends up thinking about what to write and dismissing her ideas.

balloon man


“Oh, I could write about working” – A fresh perspective on staying focused and keeping the atmosphere positive – no this is shit, no one will want to read it.

“Of course – parenting, I can write a blog about the rewards and challenges of raising kids”  pull out the good notebooks and pens to do an outline to then it type up.  Set up the perfect writing area but spend time prepping not writing.

Current events, weather, the implications of genetically modifying food, top 10 books, anything?  A short story?  I poem? No – it is all shit.

Come on – you got this…. Write – do a writing prompt.  And then it might be something like “there are 2 kinds of people in this world…” way too much pressure, I would have to write the most brilliant response to that and I am almost out of my procrastinating,  I mean writing time.


But wait there’s more – I will write something starting with an A and then all the letters in the alphabet – here goes:

All day long

Because I have to

























There – I wrote today 

Don’t stop get it, get it……

A few months ago, as a result of one of my favorite podcasters – I signed up for an app to listen to books on my commute.  I enjoy reading but don’t always have a lot of time.  Listening to books gives me access to the stories I don’t have time to read and helps me avoid the inundation of negativity in the news.  I am currently listening to Dale Carnegie – How to win friends and influence people.  It was published in 1936 so some of the anecdotes are dated but still accessible.

I can use my iPhone and listen to the books via the Bluetooth in my car which is convenient.  There is a glitch though, or, to my mind a glitch.  When my 13-year-old runs out on a cold morning to fire up my car the book begins to play – so she turns it to the radio.  That is fine and honesty I prefer to have the book stop so that I don’t miss something.  The issue is that when I switch back to Bluetooth my Apple library kick on the free U2 album.  I like U2 – but why are they the go to for my library?  Try as I may to skip to Oasis all it would do was lag for 5 seconds and then BAM!


– U2 popped back up.  I know this is old news since my google search of the U2 Apple hit how to delete it.  But I wasn’t using my phone for music – so this revelation hit me in 2017.

So, I am driving along unable to switch on Audible because Suri wants my password and trapped in an album I don’t want to hear again.


AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No More

oh no

As I skip songs I finally get to a song that I bought years ago on my old iPod. Check it out on this link Everythings gonna be alright

The Babysitter Circus – Everythings gonna be alright


I found them when I was helping my son search for music from New Zealand 4 years ago.  It makes me happy every time I hear it and the video is great too.

happy happy

I was getting upset about something minor – and then the universe delivered a gift that not only made me feel better but made me happy.



Don’t Fear the Reaper Or How a total coincidence made my kid think I’m insane.

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Autumn is here

The magic of autumn is the combination of cool air changing the landscape as robust trees lose their leaves and the empty spaces echo with mystery.   There is a spooky energy in the short days and long nights.

Full moon, cold air on my neck and the rustling of dried out leaves in the breeze can have me looking around for someone to hop out of the shadows.

Who is sneaking up behind me?  Probably no one right?

zombies dancing

I totally understand why the northeastern portion of the US was home to some great stories like “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”  by Washington Irving.  We still worry about the dead walking but now their not headless, just mindless.

Zombies are everywhere in popculture and though my kids like them, they don’t like it when I initiate a game of “What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?”


This is a silly question when logic tells us it is unlikely that the dead will walk and try to eat us – but in the spirit of fun – what would you do?

Myself, I would try to survive for as long as possible, but if it became clear that there was no way that I was going to make it I have a contingency plan.

  • Step 1 Glucosamine: mega doses of glucosamine.  The reason that the zombies are always limping along is that their joints are deteriorating from lack of synovial fluid.  While this is not a forever solution I think that flooding my system with some glucosamine might keep me spry for a while.  And I think that the flexible zombie gets more brains. (It was a total coincidence that my old joints were achy and I bought some glucosamine – my 13 year old spotted it and assumed – well,.. probably that I am nuts.)
  • Step 2 Wear athletic outfit and nice sneakers.  Who wants to be some rag a ma tag zombie limping along barefoot in torn clothes?  Spoiler Alert – I’m gonna be a zombie – #Track Suit Zombie

running (2)

  • Step 3 Get close enough to get a bite on the arm and have a weapon to keep the zombie from eating me.  In order to pull off the track suit zombie ensemble I can’t be walking around all gored up.
  • Step 4 Position myself where there will be some people to chase so that once I wake up all dead and ravenous there will be something to snack on.

Death is inevitable but being some smelly half eaten limping around bag of bones is optional – I prefer to go out in style.

Come on baby, and she had no fear
And she ran to him, then they started to fly
They looked backward and said goodby, she had become like they are
She had taken his hand, she had become like they are
Come on baby, don’t fear the reaper“- Blue Oyster Cult