Don’t stop get it, get it……

A few months ago, as a result of one of my favorite podcasters – I signed up for an app to listen to books on my commute.  I enjoy reading but don’t always have a lot of time.  Listening to books gives me access to the stories I don’t have time to read and helps me avoid the inundation of negativity in the news.  I am currently listening to Dale Carnegie – How to win friends and influence people.  It was published in 1936 so some of the anecdotes are dated but still accessible.

I can use my iPhone and listen to the books via the Bluetooth in my car which is convenient.  There is a glitch though, or, to my mind a glitch.  When my 13-year-old runs out on a cold morning to fire up my car the book begins to play – so she turns it to the radio.  That is fine and honesty I prefer to have the book stop so that I don’t miss something.  The issue is that when I switch back to Bluetooth my Apple library kick on the free U2 album.  I like U2 – but why are they the go to for my library?  Try as I may to skip to Oasis all it would do was lag for 5 seconds and then BAM!


– U2 popped back up.  I know this is old news since my google search of the U2 Apple hit how to delete it.  But I wasn’t using my phone for music – so this revelation hit me in 2017.

So, I am driving along unable to switch on Audible because Suri wants my password and trapped in an album I don’t want to hear again.


AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No More

oh no

As I skip songs I finally get to a song that I bought years ago on my old iPod. Check it out on this link Everythings gonna be alright

The Babysitter Circus – Everythings gonna be alright


I found them when I was helping my son search for music from New Zealand 4 years ago.  It makes me happy every time I hear it and the video is great too.

happy happy

I was getting upset about something minor – and then the universe delivered a gift that not only made me feel better but made me happy.