This school yard is for the Little Warriors


PD bldg

Our schools are the heart of the community.  The tiniest CV students start their education at Port Dickinson Elementary.   Soon buses will be rolling up for the first day of school and in 2 months the school will have hundreds of super heroes and princesses parading around it for Halloween.  This school is where our kids had their very first day of school.  This should Always be a Safe place for our kids and we are fighting to keep it that way.

We need to do everything we can to keep a gas compressor station from being built around the corner from the school.   There is a hold on the compressor for the moment, but the town board is publicly stating that they intend to pass it again even though the people don’t want it and have been protesting it.

 Please check out the site below – This is a worthy cause and will help ordinary people who are doing something extraordinary.

It is hard to deny that there is a serious problem when you look at the maps and the information on the site.  There is a reason that so many members of our communities are mobilizing and doing everything that we can to stop this project.   There are links on the site so that you can help out by making a donation or writing letters to bring attention from New York State government members.












You want to put What?! Where?!

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No Compressor Station Fenton NY

“I support natural gas expansion and I support businesses getting the affordable energy they need, but a bad location is a bad location.” – Senator Fred Akshar
Read More: Senator Akshar Calls Fenton NG Advantage site a bad location |

In a quiet little town in Upstate NY a fight is under way.  The local town board has made a deal to bring in a 24 hour a day gas compressor station.  They selected a site on a narrow service road beside a community park and near the elementary school.  The citizens of the community got no vote – we were just informed of it after the fact.  And when we questioned it the board was self-righteous and condescending.  This Board has forgotten who they represent.  In fact, they are so confident that they are continuing to pursue a project that has divided the community.

“We the people tell the government what to do. It doesn’t tell us.” 

Ronald Reagan

Apparently the Town of Fenton Board missed the memo.  They’re at it again…

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Town of Fenton Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing to review and take action on the new development permit application made pursuant to the Aquifer Protection Law, Chapter 57 of the Town of Fenton Town Code, at 65, 69 and 93 West Service Road (a/k/a 71 West Service Road), Binghamton (Town of Fenton), Tax Map ID Nos.: 128.02-1-7, 128.02-1-6 and 128.02-1-9; submitted by NG Advantage, LLC on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at 7:00 p.m., at the Town Hall located at 44 Park Street, Port Crane, New York.

Dated: August 21, 2017 TOWN OF FENTON


Hey Board Members – did you miss the lawsuits?  Or the Yard signs?  Or the emails, letters and calls?  The petition demanding your resignation?  Doesn’t ring a bell?  What about when Senator Akshar said it was a bad location?  Why are you STILL pandering to NG Advantage?”

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We are not some anti-power fringe.  We aren’t paid protesters.  We are people who chose to buy homes and raise our families in this community.  We are tax paying voters who can organize and bring change.  It is time that the Town Board is squirming at these meetings because the people who they work for are unhappy.  And we have an expectation that the officials will not make deals behind our backs but will be transparent and put important decisions to a Public vote.