Free Range or Cube Farmed?

cube farm

Which is more Productive?


clean home desk

In an age when people are realizing the scale-ability of incomes and looking to maximize their leisure time – it is time for corporations to ditch the 40+  hour work week and find a model that attracts talent and productivity.

In the 1950’s when most households were patriarchal maybe the 9-5 workday made sense.


But the “Honey, I’m home – where’s my dinner?” days are gone.  Now people are far more productive when they have the flexibility to balance personal life with work.

Why would you want to rot in a cube farm while life passes you by just to impress a boss who may give you a small increase annually?  The same boss will certainly expect you to “step up” and work even harder when another employee moves on or a new priority is set.

  • If you had the chance to work remotely and a set list of tasks to complete would you get them done?
  • Would you be more or less motivated if you knew that you could work and go to your kid’s ball game?   Or pursue another interest like a dance class or golf?
  • Or take a graduate course at 10 am on Wednesday with the best professor instead of an evening course with an adjunct professor after both of you have been working all day?

YES!!! Of course you would because it isn’t that you don’t want to work – you want to live and work.

Balance is the key to everything.

You don’t have to the be The boss to be A Boss


Mondays could start with a morning surf or yoga class – how would that change the dynamic of the week?




This school yard is for the Little Warriors


PD bldg

Our schools are the heart of the community.  The tiniest CV students start their education at Port Dickinson Elementary.   Soon buses will be rolling up for the first day of school and in 2 months the school will have hundreds of super heroes and princesses parading around it for Halloween.  This school is where our kids had their very first day of school.  This should Always be a Safe place for our kids and we are fighting to keep it that way.

We need to do everything we can to keep a gas compressor station from being built around the corner from the school.   There is a hold on the compressor for the moment, but the town board is publicly stating that they intend to pass it again even though the people don’t want it and have been protesting it.

 Please check out the site below – This is a worthy cause and will help ordinary people who are doing something extraordinary.

It is hard to deny that there is a serious problem when you look at the maps and the information on the site.  There is a reason that so many members of our communities are mobilizing and doing everything that we can to stop this project.   There are links on the site so that you can help out by making a donation or writing letters to bring attention from New York State government members.












They Called in Backup?

TOF meeting

No more sneaky deals Fenton Board  -We are watching and we will show up 

These guys didn’t even pretend to care about what the people in this community want. They discouraged people from coming and tried to meet behind closed doors.  They tried to say there were too many people.  One member walked in a few minutes after it started and pushed past ladies and kids without saying a word then sat looking around awkwardly for the entire meeting.  Others glared with disdain at the taxpayers who had the nerve to show up and question their processes – or lack there of.

Maybe they were upset about the ruling which found that they cut corners and approved something that they should not have.  Maybe they just feel that they should be able to make decisions for everyone with no regard to the impact those decisions have.  Maybe they think that we have no right to question them.

The people were ready.  They were organized and refused to be ignored.  Their peaceful protest began outside with a powerful chant “YOU WORK FOR US!!!!”and as the meeting opened there were chants for members to resign.

“Why are you saying that you will approve this project again?” came a question from the town.  The members insisted that they couldn’t discuss it.  This seems weird because a few hours earlier, David Hamlin Town Supervisor was being interviewed on WSKG.

There was a good representation of teenagers and they were excited to see democracy in action.  They were surprised that a town meeting could be so exciting.  Eyes got big when people were shouting out questions and a second sheriff walked in to stand guard. Could a town meeting be dangerous? They couldn’t understand why the Board members, who showed such disdain for the people in this town, were the ones making decisions for it.


In a Democracy the people have a right to vote we shouldn’t have to fight to be heard –


Nothing significant got discussed.  One of the Board members started having a temper tantrum when he thought it was his turn to talk and he pounded the gavel and stormed out.  It was like watching a two year old who needed a nap.  I guess he was frustrated that he wanted to be heard and couldn’t get our attention.

There needs to be a power shift in this community.

With public sentiment, nothing can fail.  Without it, nothing can succeed” – Abraham Lincoln



You want to put What?! Where?!

FullSizeRender (4)_LI
No Compressor Station Fenton NY

“I support natural gas expansion and I support businesses getting the affordable energy they need, but a bad location is a bad location.” – Senator Fred Akshar
Read More: Senator Akshar Calls Fenton NG Advantage site a bad location |

In a quiet little town in Upstate NY a fight is under way.  The local town board has made a deal to bring in a 24 hour a day gas compressor station.  They selected a site on a narrow service road beside a community park and near the elementary school.  The citizens of the community got no vote – we were just informed of it after the fact.  And when we questioned it the board was self-righteous and condescending.  This Board has forgotten who they represent.  In fact, they are so confident that they are continuing to pursue a project that has divided the community.

“We the people tell the government what to do. It doesn’t tell us.” 

Ronald Reagan

Apparently the Town of Fenton Board missed the memo.  They’re at it again…

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Town of Fenton Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing to review and take action on the new development permit application made pursuant to the Aquifer Protection Law, Chapter 57 of the Town of Fenton Town Code, at 65, 69 and 93 West Service Road (a/k/a 71 West Service Road), Binghamton (Town of Fenton), Tax Map ID Nos.: 128.02-1-7, 128.02-1-6 and 128.02-1-9; submitted by NG Advantage, LLC on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at 7:00 p.m., at the Town Hall located at 44 Park Street, Port Crane, New York.

Dated: August 21, 2017 TOWN OF FENTON


Hey Board Members – did you miss the lawsuits?  Or the Yard signs?  Or the emails, letters and calls?  The petition demanding your resignation?  Doesn’t ring a bell?  What about when Senator Akshar said it was a bad location?  Why are you STILL pandering to NG Advantage?”

yard sign


We are not some anti-power fringe.  We aren’t paid protesters.  We are people who chose to buy homes and raise our families in this community.  We are tax paying voters who can organize and bring change.  It is time that the Town Board is squirming at these meetings because the people who they work for are unhappy.  And we have an expectation that the officials will not make deals behind our backs but will be transparent and put important decisions to a Public vote.

Don’t just flail around

via Daily Prompt: Willy-nilly

Be deliberate in your actions, don’t just flail around. If something is worth your effort, give it 100% of your energy and focus. Diverting energy and resources away from your passion in some willy- nilly attempt to be good at a lot of things will prevent you from being amazing at any of them.brick Continue reading “Don’t just flail around”

ok fine for sure for sure

Taking the drive from Binghamton, NY to Virginia Beach was not boring for a minute.  We played “yellow car” think Punch bug but with yellow cars, trucks, buses, and excavators.  Bluetooth songs streamed a wide variety of tunes from radio top 40 to Nirvana Unplugged, Dave Matthews, Depeche Mode, the Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa and on.  Then at the beach there was a band playing 80’s hits and my daughter who is on the cusp of her teens grabbed me by the hand and pulled me onto the dance floor to Walk like an Egyptian and hit a lighted beach ball with the crowd.  For the first time in a while I was able to truly relax and enjoy it all.

Being a parent is hard work and more often than not it can feel like a battle.  Maybe I should introduce Love is a Battlefield next?  I used to love music and now I listen to podcasts and NPR.  I guess I forgot how the right music can set the tone for an experience and driving down the highway imitating Moon Unit saying “like Oh my God” literally opened up the playful silly part of me that loves to laugh and even better they got to have that experience with me.  My 17 year old son who plays classic rock on a guitar with doves inlaid on the fret board, my 14 year old son who has an amazing sense of rhythm and can dance to anything and my 13 year old daughter who can sing along with any radio song plus rock out to the 80’s.

I am happy that I was able to take a moment to appreciate the simplest pleasures on our trip – music and laughs with the people that I love.