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Come out come out wherever you are….

opposing sign_LI (4)


Peculiar signs are popping up in public spaces in Fenton NY

Seemingly overnight, a large number of signs have popped up in the public spaces in the Town of Fenton NY.  While it is unclear who may have placed these signs, there may be an opposing group.  Could there finally be a chance for democracy?  Are we going to get  to vote?

Anyone who has read my blog recently (thank you!) will know that  I have been preoccupied with a local government issue.  The Town of Fenton Board has approved a gas compressor close to my house – without a public vote.  There is a large and vocal opposition to it and the town board is defensive, condescending and belligerent.  Check out the link below for the latest in our local paper -there is also a video that will give you an idea of the demeanor of the board when facing their constituents.

Fenton’s fate may mirror township in PA

TOF meeting

Who in this community could be putting out these new signs?  It probably isn’t the residents shown here.  In fact, most of these people have “NO Compressor Station Fenton NY” signs proudly displayed in front of their home.  These people are fighting this gas compressor which will devalue real estate, increase traffic, cause noise and light pollution while it operates 24 hours a day.  And the school district, local churches and residents have filed lawsuits to keep this compressor out of the community at great personal expense.  These good people have been forced to fight by a town government that has forgotten where their loyalties should lie.

But still unanswered – who could have put up these signs?  Hmmmm….

Do we have an opposing group of citizens???  Are we getting a vote to settle this thing?

Has the day come to do this?

Or did Rico Suave instruct his contingent of paid off, nepotistic, corrupt lackeys to do what they do best and sneak around to post these signs?



Enough is Enough


This town board was elected by the residents of Fenton -it has a duty to the people of this town.  This is the most local level of government. It has an important role in promoting the town, representing its interests and supporting the work of different groups in the community.


YOU WORK FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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