They Called in Backup?

TOF meeting

No more sneaky deals Fenton Board  -We are watching and we will show up 

These guys didn’t even pretend to care about what the people in this community want. They discouraged people from coming and tried to meet behind closed doors.  They tried to say there were too many people.  One member walked in a few minutes after it started and pushed past ladies and kids without saying a word then sat looking around awkwardly for the entire meeting.  Others glared with disdain at the taxpayers who had the nerve to show up and question their processes – or lack there of.

Maybe they were upset about the ruling which found that they cut corners and approved something that they should not have.  Maybe they just feel that they should be able to make decisions for everyone with no regard to the impact those decisions have.  Maybe they think that we have no right to question them.

The people were ready.  They were organized and refused to be ignored.  Their peaceful protest began outside with a powerful chant “YOU WORK FOR US!!!!”and as the meeting opened there were chants for members to resign.

“Why are you saying that you will approve this project again?” came a question from the town.  The members insisted that they couldn’t discuss it.  This seems weird because a few hours earlier, David Hamlin Town Supervisor was being interviewed on WSKG.

There was a good representation of teenagers and they were excited to see democracy in action.  They were surprised that a town meeting could be so exciting.  Eyes got big when people were shouting out questions and a second sheriff walked in to stand guard. Could a town meeting be dangerous? They couldn’t understand why the Board members, who showed such disdain for the people in this town, were the ones making decisions for it.


In a Democracy the people have a right to vote we shouldn’t have to fight to be heard –


Nothing significant got discussed.  One of the Board members started having a temper tantrum when he thought it was his turn to talk and he pounded the gavel and stormed out.  It was like watching a two year old who needed a nap.  I guess he was frustrated that he wanted to be heard and couldn’t get our attention.

There needs to be a power shift in this community.

With public sentiment, nothing can fail.  Without it, nothing can succeed” – Abraham Lincoln



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